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Weixin – It’s For Your Lifestyle

Searching for a good IM app for your mobile ? So you have reached the place where you can pick up a smart app for your smart phone or any other symbian mobiles. There are many IM apps around the world for smart phones but Weixin is some thing special which makes the user to get in contact with friends, family and relatives without any problems.

What is Weixin ?

Weixin(味辛 Wèi xīn) is a top most  mobile phone messaging service associated with TENCENT QQ SERVICES in china. Weixin has been introduced in last September and 2012 is going to be the year of Weixin based on survey. Already QQ has made a revolution in china in connecting people, now weixin is associated with QQ, so its going to be the china’s largest and smartest IM app.

What you can do with this?

 This will be serious question for the people who wish to use this app  because of the language .No worries about this because Weixin is in English and Chinese .

With this app you can: 

  • Chat with your friends via text and hold and talk voice,
  • Send and receive pictures, videos. Make a group chat with your friends up to 20.
  • Supports many different smileys, some animated emotions (for iPhone not yet available for Android)  etc.  

WEIXIN’s stats

  • Now there are about 55million registered users, 
  • 20 million active users and 
  • 77% users are between the age of 18 – 30 

Nowadays youngsters are spending much time with their mobile phones to chat with their loved one’s . as per TRAI regulations in INDIA they are very much worried about their 200 sms/day .  For youngsters this app will be very useful , forget about your sms pack or 200 sms /day . This application wont consume much data for text messages or even for your voice messages or for sending and receiving files

Features and Sign up 

There are many Features in this WEIXIN which  you might not seen these features in any IM app. the features  and sign up steps are as follows 

How to find people?

  • Finding friends based on your location around 1000m radius
  • Shake (shake Ur phone for finding friends )
  • Drift bottle (its the most strange matcher , send your messages to sea to find a Random person . some one will reply you )
  • Display’s your phonebook who are using Weixin
  • Searching friends through E-mail address or Weixin ID
  • Chatting with your Friends on QQ 

Sign up

  • You can sign up to Weixin with your Mobile number which support 100 Regions all over the world. 
  • Sign up with your QQ
  • Sign up with your E-mail

Note: Its recommended that after sign up with anyone of these, confirm your email address for your password retrieval in case you forget it. 

Weixin is Totally free for download and install but you need to pay for data consumption.

What you are waiting for? Download the app and Enjoy!