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How to: Customize Start Menu Button in Windows 7

Still tired of seeing the old Windows Start button? Well Microsoft has thought about its customization in Windows 7 and Vista. It is now possible to change its appearance and size. All you have to require is Resource Hacker and some custom images of size 54X162 that are stored in .bmp format.

Before starting we would like to show the default button and the selected button that we have chosen to change its appearance.

Now that you have all this stuff with you, get ready to start the process of changing the start button.

  1. Change the ownership of “explorer.exe” to yourself
  2. Open the Resource Hacker tool and load the “explorer.exe” file into it.
  3. On the left hand side pane, expand the Bitmap branch
  4. Expand the 6801 option and on the 1033, Replace resource by right clicking on it
  5. Now open a new file in the new window that will appear on right clicking. Keep in mind that it will accept only the .bmp extensions only
  6. Navigate to the location where the button is stored and click on the Replace button.
  7. Repeat the above steps for the left ones.
  8. Now save this configuration using then “Save” button.  Resource Hacker software will automatically create a backup of the explorer.exe file.
  9. Now simply re login to your windows account, to see the changes.