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Second Life – Your Virtual Life

Ever wondered of doing craziest things but you never dared to do any.  You might want to do all the things possible to do, but might never dared to do thinking the risk of what you want to do. You fear you might end up losing your life.

Now dare to do what you wanted to do in Second Life. You heard it right. You can do whatever you like. You can live up your life as you like but it would all be virtual. You need not let your identity loose to do anything; you need not show yourself up if you don’t like. You can live a second life right on your screen. All you have to do is to sign up yourself in second life and start your virtual life.

What you can do:

As of 2011 has more than 20 million registered user accounts in second life. You can do what ever you like. You can connect with others , you can visit new places, you can play stuffs around, you can earn money, you can build your home,  you can go on a date with any one you find,  you can fall in love and you can even get married.

Earning Money:

Second life is a perfect place for people who like to make real money. In the virtual life you can earn linden dollars which can be converted into real money. You can earn linden dollar by selling your products, services in the virtual world to the virtual people. For instance, you can design a t-shirt and sell it in your shop say 10$(lindens).

1 US$ = 251 L$

You can even convert your real time money to Linden dollars. And you can convert your Linden dollars to real time money. If you are good at making more lindens in second life, you can enjoy your virtual life too. All you have to do is sign up.