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A Quick Guide To Set Up File Sharing In Windows 7

While working online with your team you definitely need to share some important files or documents with all of the team members and to make this process done, you will need to set up file sharing in your computer. Setting up file sharing in your Windows 7 is quite important when you want to share your office documents and other data etc with your employees or co-workers online. To set up file sharing is not so difficult but to make it run on windows 7 successfully, you have to follow some simple steps.

The major problem that arises while file sharing is the running of different computers on different operating system means that if one of the computers of your team has Windows XP and the other has Windows 7, then it becomes complicated to share the files in such mixed atmospheres. So avoid such situation, it’s quite better to create workgroup when you going to set up file sharing in Windows 7. By workgroup we mean the group of computers of your team with which you share the files or documents.

When you create any workgroup, you are required to select the folders or libraries that you want to share with your team. The best part about creating workgroup is that it can be made password protected. After making workgroup, you have to follow these steps in order to set up file sharing in windows 7.

But before getting started, if you are using a wireless router for getting the network, be sure to disable your internal software firewalls otherwise the network availability of your computer system can be damaged. Not read the steps carefully and follow them to set up file sharing.

Computer with Windows 7 OS

  • Click on Start button
  • Right click the mouse and go to ‘My Computer’
  • Click on ‘Properties’
  • Type your workgroup name

Computer with Windows XP

  • Click on Start button
  • Right click the mouse button
  • Go to the ‘Properties’
  • Go to workgroup name and click on ‘change’
  • Choose your workgroup and then type the name of the workgroup that you noted from the computer having Windows 7 operating system
  • Click twice on ‘OK’ button and then reboot your PC

Now return to the computer having Windows 7 OS and enjoy sharing files with all of the people listed in your workgroup by following these steps-

  • Click on Start button
  • Go to ‘My computers’
  • A window will appear showing ‘Libraries’ tab
  • Right click on ‘documents’ and then ‘Share With’
  • A drop down menu will appear where you have to choose all the people with whom you want to share files
  • Add them
  • Click on ‘Read’ and then make it as ‘Read/Write’
  • Click on ‘Share’ and then choose the files to be shared
  • Go to ‘My Documents’ and press ‘Next’

After finishing the process of file sharing, click ‘Done’.

Now check the computer having Windows XP if you are able to see the shared documents. For this, follow these steps:

  • Click on Start button
  • Go to ‘My Computer’
  • Click on ‘My Network Places’
  • Click on ‘Entire Network’
  • You will see the name of your computer having Windows 7 OS
  • Double click on the computer name
  • You will see all the shared files and devices

Thus, by following this simple step by step procedure you can easily share all of your files, documents, photos, videos and many more with a number of computer systems at one go.